The most racist thing happened to me the other day…

It’s true. It was so racist.

So a few days ago, I had to mail a package to Florida. I had packed a book into an old USPS package I had lying around at home, taped it together and put a very visible label on it with the address I wanted it sent to.

I walked into the local post office with my parcel and my keys, and I realized I had forgotten my wallet, which I would definitely need in order to send this item. I quickly turned around to retrieve it from the car.

Just as I was turning around, the woman at the counter said, “You need to pay for that,” referring to the package in which I had put my book, which she thought I was stealing. I told her I knew, and that it was an old one I had lying around, before I continued to my car. I couldn’t suppress a “what the hell?” from escaping my lips before the door was entirely closed.

Here’s the thing about racism: it makes no sense. I’ll elaborate. The entire process of me walking in and realizing I had forgotten my wallet could not have taken more than 5 seconds. In 5 seconds, how in the actual hell would I have gone into the post office, taken a package (from the shelf across from the door), put something inside it, put a label on it, and written an address in the label? How? That is not physically possible. Unless, you know, we use that People of Color mojo magic shit that makes us incredibly super speedy.

So anyway, if you’re ever at the post office on University Drive near UMass Amherst, just know there’s some old white woman who works there and is super racist. Just saying.

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