Day 5: How the Date Went (written on the 9th)

I’ll start by saying, I don’t think I have all my answers to the questions I wrote last time. Let me tell you how terrible I am at following through. Hopefully, it will be an ongoing process.

_What do you expect from this relationship?

His answer: (It isn’t clearly defined, but he wasn’t at all phased when I told him the past year of my personal life has been pretty rough. Neither was he phased by me saying I might marry someone one day. Nor by the fact that I want a traditional Assamese wedding. He isn’t phased by much. That’s kind of different.)

_Do you have any STDs? How frequently do you get tested?

His answer: No. (the second part is unknown)

_How frequently do you expect we will be having sex? (I need a serious answer)

His answer: (I haven’t found out as of yet.)

_How much time do you reasonably expect to see me in a week?

His answer: (I have gathered from our exchanges that it will most likely be one or two times a week. He seems pretty easygoing).

_Do you want this relationship to be monogamous?

His answer: (I haven’t found out as of yet.)


Anyway, the important part–the date!

To give some context, I haven’t gone on too many dates in my life. I went on about 3 in college. The first two were with a very traditional white, Christian guy who was great company and with whom I enjoyed some decent food. He called off the whole thing after the second date, though, so I didn’t really get to know him very well. And the third was with this white, Jewish RA guy who spent as little as possible on me but took me to pretty cool places, and generally only wanted to get in my pants.

This date was actually really cute. Okay, so to give more context, (I realize I almost never mention the place where I live–for safety reasons, but this isn’t going to make any sense if I don’t put that information out there) I live in western Massachusetts. Me and the date guy both live in the same little town. Our original plan was to eat brunch at the restaurant under the Book Mill in Montague, but that didn’t end up happening because we couldn’t find parking.

Instead, we went to this place out in Greenfield, which is a little further away, but I love the all the quaint countryside you pass by on the highway. I also really like date guy’s company. He’s such a dork. He must have turned the wrong way about 3 times on this drive, and he did nothing to hide this, either. Like me, he enjoys making fun of white people (he’s from Brazil. He considers himself brown, too.)

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon on the bank of the Connecticut River, at this little spot in Greenfield. I can’t remember exactly where, but there was this very pretty bridge.

(to be continued)

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