Why sexism will be the last system of oppression on earth

I have to ask because it occupies a lot of my thoughts.

Would a man ever willingly give up his masculinity?

Would he ever give up that 23 cents he makes so a woman can earn a dollar?

Would he ever willingly turn down a position of power so that a more qualified woman could take the position?

Would he give up wearing relatively comfortable clothes in exchange for clothes that are less comfortable and of worse quality just because it’s what women want him to wear?

Would he change his entire diet, worry constantly about his body, because women want him to look a certain way, and he isn’t acceptable in any other way?

Would he use all kinds of whitening creams, constantly cover his face in public, just so he doesn’t tan because he is less acceptable when his skin is not as light as possible?

Would he be okay knowing that, from the day he is born, society only views him as useful when he marries? That he is safest when he marries? That when he marries, for all intents and purposes, he becomes the property of the family he marries into? That changing his last name means renouncing the people who loved him his entire life, the people who would take bullets for him, who gave up an empire for him, who built a new one from scratch for him? Would he be okay giving that up?

Would he accept knowing he is never safe, not at night, not during the day, no matter what he wears, no matter what he carries?

Would he be okay knowing he is inherently weak?

Would he be able to accept that the medical industry does not exist to serve him, and that his health will be systematically othered? Would he be able to accept that less research has been done on the way his body operates, therefore diagnoses for him will be less accurate? Is he okay with knowing that if these diagnoses are less accurate, his life could possibly end a lot sooner than expected?

Could he be content with the way women will treat him as a disposable sex object if he makes himself too vulnerable?

Could he be content with knowing it is constantly his responsibility to preclude pregnancy, and in the case that someone becomes pregnant as a result of his actions, it is generally considered his fault?

Could he be content knowing that most of the world views him as the primary caregiver for children? Can he handle having one or multiple very young lives be dependent on him? Could he raise a child alone?

Would he be comfortable knowing that, no matter how right he is, no matter how much evidence he has to support his claims, no matter how many people back him up, everything he knows means very little or nothing unless it comes out of the mouth of a woman?

Could he accept that the skills that are conditioned in him from childhood are considered less important than the skills that are conditioned in women from childhood?

Could he accept that he is less intelligent?

Could he accept that, if he is raped or sexually assaulted, his rapist will most likely not be indicted, in most cases, not even be caught? Is he okay knowing that his rapist and hundreds of thousands of rapists roam the streets as free people? That they still vote? They can still ride buses and drive cars? They are allowed to eat at restaurants? They are allowed to keep their jobs? They are still given human rights? That these people, who commit acts of violence, often multiple times, look like normal people? That rape is so normalized?

Would he be comfortable knowing that to most people on earth, his life is secondary to the lives of half the people on earth?

Would he be comfortable knowing that the people who are most likely to commit violence against him are the very people he loves the most? The people in his family, the person he is intimate with, the person he marries?

Would he be comfortable knowing that no matter how much money he makes or how high a position he achieves, he will never have true power?

If this was the world he had to live in, would he live in it?

Would he willingly give up his masculinity, and live in this world of his creation?

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